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Cursed Blessing
Cursed Blessing

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Book One of the Sin Eater Chronicles - Available on Amazon Kindle only

*Youth Warning: Adult language, situations, and graphics. This is intended for adults, not the YA audience. If sex, f-bombs, and cynical, detailed descriptions of the darker soul of Man bothers you, you should probably move on from here.*

Follow the dark and twisted adventures of a modern day Sin Eater as she cleanses souls even while she tries to stay sane. It's the debut short story in a new spiritual thriller series.

It's Touched by an Angel on the dark side, mixed with Highlander, with a bit of the DaVinci code thrown in. Add a touch of smart-a%$#ss and you are pretty on track.

Activated by a mysterious old man at 8 years of age, we pick up the story 30 years later as our heroine goes about her "work" - making the souls of sinners light enough to fly to heaven when they die.

Most of her appointments don't even want to know her, let alone have to share the painful reliving of their Life's mistakes in order to be free of the weight of them. She does not escape the pain of each encounter, and she is forever changed by the weight of the sins she takes on. Based on how f'd up most people are, it's easy to understand why she stands on the brink of insanity, coping with it all through snark and a finale tattoo after each session.

She always picks a new name, she always has an appointment, and she always has another appearing to have their sins eaten. There is a lot of garbage to clean up in this world...

In Book #1, you meet Jake, a womanizing jerk who is about to get hit by a bus...time for you to check out the Table of Contents, read a sample, and buy it.

The next story in the series will be released monthly, so be sure to sign up at the author's Amazon page to get notified when new editions are published.

"Every sin eating session is different. Sometimes it’s about greed, or hate, or violence. Other times, it’s about apathy, sloth, and inaction. They are all equally awful. And, NO, it’s never the conventional, what they taught you in church sin crap either. Lying, cheating, not honoring your parents, those are like grade school indiscretions. There are a million ways to betray your True Self, each one as bad as any other.

On the scale of consequences, even the smallest of transgressions can butterfly effect into tragic ends. There is nothing small in this world. Everything counts. It is not really so much the sin you commit, which does carry some weight, but rather the unintended consequences that spread out in resounding waves to everyone and everything around you. No one ever really realizes just how screwed up their choices can be. Except for me and the souls I’ve touched…well, and now, Jake.

The wave of pain hits me full on as I find myself in a dark, deep swirl of sexual energy, deceit, and manipulation. Jake has led a very successful lifetime campaign of f%%#king women out of just about everything they had to offer – their virginity, their trust, their hopes, and their self-respect.

Being inside Jake’s sinning field is like walking through rotted molasses – it’s thick and sticky, it smells disgusting, and everything moves in very slow motion. Anything you touch stays with you and there is no escaping it. The stink of it covers you, weighing you down, pushing you to your knees until you have not choice but to lay prostrate at the throne of his arrogance, subject to every degradation and crass insult that he can dream up to deliver.

For a woman like me, it reads like a bad snuff film with women’s self-esteem in the balance. I throw up in my mouth a little as the images fly at me."

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