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LASR   Say It Right
VFCHEF   Say What, Chef?
GRGOODBYE   Saying Goodbye: Facing the Loss of a Loved One
ECSCAPE   Scapegoat
GPSWS   Science Whispering Spirit
SCROL   Scrolls of Udanadar, The
LMNS   Scrubs
DHSD   Scythe of Darkness
MFSH   Search For Help
ASSS   Seasonal, Sweet, and Suspenseful: A collection of Holiday, Romance and Mystery Short Stories
LAVSEAS   Seasons
CJPCRS1   Seasons of Change
SEA   Seat of Empire
MRWSA   Second Act
GNSChance   Second Chance
KI2   Second Contact: The Seeds of Orion
BHST   Second Thoughts: Presidential Regrets with their Supreme Court Nominations
MNBSARC   Secret Admirer Romance Collection, The
JHSK   Secret Keeper
SEMA   Secret Matter
SBT   Secret of the Bermuda Triangle, The
AZSC   Secrets of the Castle, The
CPSD   Secrets of the Dead
LHSHALL   Secrets of the Hall
DWSH   Secrets of the Heart
MHSEENE   See No Evil
LFSGA   Seeing Gail Again
SCHSSD   Selah's Sweet Dream
FSSW   Senator White
SENSEC   Senseless Secrets: The failures of U.S. military intelligence
ADSN   Sentinels of the Night
DMS   Setup, The
CNFSEX   Sex as a Political Condition
JLSSJ   Shadow's Justice
CJShadows   Shadows
JFSTM   Shadows In The Mirror
MWSW   Shadows of Wychering
MSPSM   Shaky Man
TGSYMW   Share Your Message with the World
SHAM   Sharing A Man
LLSV   Shattered Vows
GRSSLC   Shattered: Surviving the Loss of a Child
SHEC   She Cries
SHERVIL   Sherrod Village
SPSMB   Shop My Books
SHORTSS   Short Stories & Such
TASS1   Short Stories by Texas Authors Vol 1
TASS2   Short Stories by Texas Authors Vol 2
TASS3   Short Stories by Texas Authors Vol 3
TSSS1   Short Stories by Texas Students Vol 1
BPSM   Sidetracked by Mediocrates
SWSMDANE   Silly Milly the Dane
CMSILVER   Silver Key, The
DFMICE   Simon and Company Flea Market Mice
MDSM   Simple Machines
BHSPOETRY   Simple Poetry
JKSS   Sin And Sombreros
SSS   Sin, Secrets, and Salvation
JASP6   Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in Cozumel
JASP8   Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in Pigeon Fordge
JASP7   Sir Pigglesworth's Adventures in San Juan, PR
JASP5   Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventures in Bermuda
JASP3   Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventures in New York City
JASP4   Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventures in Pigonia
JASP2   Sir Pigglesworth’s Adventures in Vancouver
JASP1   Sir Pigglesworth’s First Adventure
LAHSIERE   Sirere's Calf
JMSRULES   Slaughterhouse Rules
CRSL   Slice of Life: A Dixie Flannigan Suspense Novel
MDSS   Smarter Squared
MVSB   Smiling Burro, The
JBHSA   Snow of an Angel
SUHL   Snowman Uprising on Hickory Lane
MBSRG   Snowy Range Gang
LTSHMG   So Help Me God
SONGFFH6   Soap Creek Salon
Sober-in-30-Days   Sober in 30 Days
LLSSYAA   Solutionaries: You Are the Answer
SMSIW   Some More Stuff I Wrote: A Book Of Poetry
SSIW   Some Stuff I Wrote: A Book Of Poetry
PWSBET   Somewhere Between
SONLLANO   Son of the Llano Estacado
GRSH   Song On A Hill: Traces of Black and Blue
CAKSH   Song to Heaven
VGSBN   Songs in Blue Negritude
CCMSOPHIE2   Sophie and Scottie's Adventures of Something's Fishy
CCMSOPHIE3   Sophie and Scottie's Adventures of Sweet Tooth Rock
CCMSOPHIE1   Sophie and Scottie's Adventures of the Monarch Mystery
MHSOUL   Soul and the City: Finding God in the Noise and Frenzy of Life
RSDSM   Soul Mender, The
RRSG   South of Good
HCDBSB   South of the Border
TBSG   Southern Gentlemen
ELSC6   Space City 6
MHSNE   Speak No Evil
LASS   Speak to Success
DFSNP   Special Needs Perception
SPEC   Special, The
SSSSB   Spectacular Simon Burchwood, The
SND   Spirit Never Dies
ECSL   Spirited Leadership: 52 Ways to Build Trust.
FDS21   Spirituality in the 21st Century
MTSP   Splintered Paddle, The
MVSC   Spoiled Chick/El Pollito Chiflado – Bilingual
CJPCRS3   Spring Shadows
CAKSPE   Sprinkles Bedtime Express
AGSPUR   Spur of the Moment Bride
JBSMGT   Squeeze More God-Time into Your Day
JPS5   Stage Five
JPS4   Stage Four
JPS3   Stage Three
STBL   Stain of Blood
STALK   Stalking Season
KTBSTAND   Stand and Protect
DHTSD   Standard Deviation
SONGER8   Standing Room Only When I Die
SP1   Starting Point
DTSST   State of Treason
JEDSF   Stealing Fire
STHO   Stein House
AW1234   Step One, Step Two, Step Three and Four
ASPHAM2   Stevie-girl and the Phantom of Crybaby Bridge
ASPHAM1   Stevie-girl and the Phantom Pilot
SANDS   Sticks and Stones
BWSC   Stipulations and Complications
STMA   Stolen Magic
MESO   Stolen Options
MMSSEXADD   Stop Sex Addiction
GDDSF   Storms of Fortune
KRPSLH   Street Life to Housewife
KRPSLH2   Street Life to Housewife
ADSJ   Strength Of the Jabberwock
STPR   Strike Price
ASSC   Stutter Creek
SUEX   Success Express for Teens: 50 Activities that will Change Your Life
SBSSSS   Sue's Sunrise Surprise
SPBSOD   Suggestion of Death
SULR   Sulphur River
CJPCRS4   Summer Secrets
PMASTMS   Sunchon Tunnel Massacre Survivors
JHSSR   Sunset and Steel Rails
SRCI   Super Reader Coloring/Bookmarkers - Graphic Image
SRCB   Super Reader Coloring/Bookmarkers - Knowledge
SSP   Superhero Sam Saves His Family
CASSC   Superior Collision
GRSURVIVING   Surviving the Holidays Without You: Navigating Grief During Special Seasons
KWSU   Susie
TJNSEMILY   Sweet Emily
SPBSSM   Sweet Scent of Murder, The
HCWSTG   Sweet Tooth Goblin, The
SWEET   Sweetbreath
JVSACAB   Swimmer's Adventure in Coloring & Activity Book
SWING   Swingman
SWORDC   Sword's Call
SDSPHT   Sybrina's Phrase Thesaurus: Earth Views
SDSPHT1   Sybrina's Phrase Thesaurus: Moving Parts
SDSPHT2   Sybrina's Phrase Thesaurus: Moving Parts
SDSPHT3   Sybrina's Phrase Thesaurus: Physical Attributes
BSP   TAA Bumper Sticker
FT190   Take 190 West Art & Book Festival
GRTR456   Taking Of Rhinoceros 456
SRTYMM   Tales for Your Monkey Mind
PWCTFFL   Tales From the Front Line
LLRIVERS   Tales from the Riverside
GRBAND   Tales of the Mystic Knights: Band of Brothers
GRTDG   Talking To The Dead Guys
GDTS   Tamara Sands
BWTS   Tangible Spirits
JLSTT4   Tangle With Tara
TARMEN   Target Mendez
TMP3P   Tartan MP3 Player, The
DSBTBR   Tator's Big Race
DSBSWAMP   Tator's Swamp Fever
JLSTT   Taunting Tara
GRTDGAL   Tea with a Dead Gal
JWTL   Teaching Lesson
JLSTT2   Teaching Tara
TCT   Tears from the Crown of Thorns
SLTJ   Tears Journey
JFTC   Terminal Convergence
JDTS   Terror at The Sterling
HLTW   Tethered World, The
t107   Texas 107 Best Walks
DPTA   Texas Alligators: A Wildlife Profile
HCTXCH   Texas Christmas
AGTXXMYS   Texas Christmas Mystery
HCTXC   Texas Conquest
HCTXD   Texas Desire
RCTFG   Texas Farm Girl
RCTFG2   Texas Farm Girl: Reap What You Sow
HCTXH   Texas Heat
AETXING   Texas Ingenuity
KBTLSA   Texas Law of Streets and Alleys
LBTxBride   Texas Mail Order Bride
TMD   Texas Museums of Discovery
WLTPGPS   Texas Politics: Grand Prairie Style
LBTR   Texas Redemption

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