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CJLPRS   Laredo Paranormal Research Society, The
DGLARK   Lark, The
JEDLASSA   Last Assassination, The
MBLC   Last Chance, The
AWLS   Laura's Secrets
TRLSW   Lawless Side of War, The
FSLM   Lawyer Magic
MFLMNB   Leaders are Made Not Born
SDRFSTieOlder   Learn To Tie A Tie
SDRFSTie   Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox
DWLTOMR   Leave Tomorrow
Lector   Lector
SPMLS   Ledbetter Street
SONGFFH9   Leftover Feelings
LEG   Legacy
LJM   Legend of Juan Miguel, The
IMLSM   Legend of Shane McLean
CPLSG   Legend of the Superstition Gold
JBLWG   Legend of the Washo Gold, The
RRLWC   Legend of War Creek
JCLL   Legitimate Lies
LEROY   Leroy the Cowboy
MWLWH   Let the Wolf Howl
WLLGHIH   Let's Go Home to Indiana Harbor
HCDBGRAM   Let's Go To Grammy's
LSM   Let's Scare Mom
CCLM   Letter to a Monster
THLQ   Lexin's Quest
TALPH   License Plate Holders
MLLM   Life to the Max
IDLUNP   Life Under A New Perspective
JDLSLLM   Life's Spectrum Love, Loss, Military
BWLM   Light from Her Mirror
BFLIUD   Like I Used To Dance
ASLL   Lilac Lane
LHLMC   Lillie, A Motherless Child
KMLLD   Listening Like Breathing
KBLBD   Little Black Dress
TMBA   Little Bunny Gets an Award
CGSLHHP   Little House on the High Plains
LPH   Little Prairie Hen, The
DMLS   Little Soldier
JLLWL   Little White Light, The
MVLG   Littler Car, The
LIVEB   Live from the Boneyard
LBLF   Live@Five
LS1913   Living on Sisu: The 1913 Union Copper Strike Tragedy
RRLB   Load the Boat:
GRLA   Locked Arms: Mystery and Romance in New Orleans
AKRLL   Logan's Lady
TTLS   Lone Star
LSS   Lone Star Sons
THELC   Lonely Chair, The
JVTREE   Lonely Tree, The
SDLJR   Long Journey To Rneadal
LAD   Look Away Dixieland
BDLEK   Loose Ends Kill
AGBENTLEY   Lord Bentley Needs A Bride
LYIWLYM   Lose Your Inches without Losing Your Mind!
JFLP   Losing Patience
WDPLH   Lost Houston
DTLK   Lost King
LOMA   Lost Magic
MVLCE   Lost on Christmas Eve
MVLT   Lost Tooth, The
LOGA   Loup Garou
MYLCW   Love Circles the World
LOVEC   Love's Call
DBLR   Love's Reality
JDLTSC   Love's True Second Chance
LPAL   Lowly
MVLL   Lucky’s Lick
JHLC3   Luna City 3.1
JHLC4   Luna City IV
KMLWP   Lydia, Woman of Purple
KBLWPDSG   Lydia, Woman of Purple Devotional Study Guide
PTMADPARIS   Mademoiselle Renoir à Paris
MEMF   Magic Faces
PFMGH   Magic Gingerbread House, The
LPMHM   Mah Jongg Murders, The
DWMOG   Mail Order Groom
AKRMHS1   Make Haste Slowly
SONGFFH11   Making Love Watching UFOs
ADMU   Mama's Umbrella
ADMHB   March Hare Blues
CAKMMP   Marilyn & The Martians' Paradise
TFGMI   Market Intelligence: The Original Work
JFMarkov-   Markov
AGARRANGE   Marriage By Arrangement
SCHMS   Mary's Song
AGMasquerade   Masquerade Marriage
MR   Master Robert
MSD   Master Stinky Dances
KKM   Master, The
GJBMAX   Max & Joey Buddy Detectives
GJBMAX2   Max & Joey Buddy Detectives
KWMV   Maximum Volume
CMBMZYFC   Me Zombie, You Food
GRKUDZU   Meandering Kudzu
TSMECH   Mechanical Pleasure
TMMT   Medicine Tree, The
RRML   Medinandi License, The
MLW   Meem's Little World
MLW2   Meem's Little World 2
MECL   Melted Clowns
FMIBF   MenilFest - Indie Book Festival
ABAVOL2   Mer-Charmer
MERCEN   Mercenaries: Soldiers of Fortune
MHMAM   Mermaids Are Magical - You Can Be Too
CCMB   Merry Birthday
SSMRSB   Meteoric Rise of Simon Burchwood, The
CPMR   Midinght and the Racehorse
MMRCMM   Midnight Marauder
AMTMBSG   Mighty Big and Super Great: Texas Is The Lone Star State
BWMM   Mirror, Mirror on Her Wall
MMP   Mischief in the Mushroom Patch
AKRMOLL   Miss Opal Learns a Lesson
AKRMOMM   Miss Opal Makes a Match
JLMNF   MJ’s New Friend
TSMOBILE   Mobile Pleasure
SBKMOCKING   Mockingbird Moments: A Memoir
SSMOD   Modicum
DKMWSR   Molly Warner: School Reporter
LCMCLHB   Mom, Can I Have My Long Hair Back?
KKMA   Montsernan Agreement, The
MOONT   Moon Thief
MBMWCT   More Wild Camp Tales
MORNR   Morning Reign
MLMOSCOW   Moscow Airlift
JSMMIJ   Most Incredible Journey: A Pibble's Path
JCMRP   Most Reluctant Princess, A
CJMROSE   Mourning Rose
MF2   Moving Forward
BFNH   Mr. Bo Finds a New Home and a New Name
BBH   Mr. Bo's Big Heart
TMFM5A   Mr. Funderburk Meets 5A
SSGRIEVES   Mr. Grieves
MMAAD   Muddy Madeleine Meets an Arach-A-Doo
JCMC   Murder a Cappella
MFRD   Murder for a Rainy Day
PMAMTR   Murder Takes a Ride
SPBMJ   Murdered Judges
AWBIGT   My Big Tree
PWCONE   My Brother Came Home with a Cone on His Head
RCMHJ   My Dad is in Heaven with Jesus
SSDADBOY   My Daddy Loves Me: I'm His Little Boy
SSDADGIRL   My Daddy Loves Me: I'm His Little Girl
HMDREAM   My Dream, America
PWCMFM   My Family and Me
MFLY   My First Last Year
SPBMFM   My First Murder
LLMHWFY   My Heart Will Find Yours
LFKOH   My Journey Into The Oncoming Holocaust
SSMAMABOY   My Mama Loves Me: I'm Her Little Boy
SSMAMAGIRL   My Mama Loves Me: I'm Her Little Girl
TFGMINR   My Mission in Russia: Business Incubators, Tactics and Lessons
JGMWCCM   My World, My Words
AGMDBR   Mystery at Dead Broke Ranch
LBJMDP   Mystery of Desolation Point
KBNPPE   Nacho Perez, Private Eye
CMNK   Naked Killer, The
LRNAM   Nam Within, The
NARROW   Narrow Gate, The
CRNH   Naturally His
CRLNC   Naughtiness is Contagious, An Orgy of Erotic Poetry
SDRFS   Nellie Knows How To Knot A Neck Scarf
NLDAF   Neon Lights and Drinks After Five
CMNB   Nesselorette The Book
CMNGIRL   Nesselorette The Girl
KALNET   Never Enough Time
LJBBRR   New Birmingham-A Recollection of Recipes
WBNMTHE   New Mexican, The
LMNT   New Terrirtory
LMNTR   New Territory Revealed
NEXTS   Next Stop, Heaven
NICKOA   Nick the Owlets Adventure
CVSHADOW2   Night Shadow, The
CPMSD   Night Side of Dark
LMNK   Nightmare King, The
JPNQB2   Nightmares of the Queen
RFSNNS   Nighty Night Sailboat
RFSNNSKW   Nighty Night Sailboat Celebrates a Key West Birthday
RFSNNSSPAIN   Nighty Night Sailboat Goes to Spain
RFSNNSB   Nighty Night Sailboat in the Bahamas
RFSNNSPIRATES   Nighty Night Sailboat Searches for Pirates
RFSNNSH   Nighty Night Sailboat Takes Juni to the Hospital
WL9I   Nine Days in Italy
JACNCH   No Chance in Hell
JACNGH   No Greater Hell
ANLNR   No Limits No Regrets
NMSTINK   No More Stinkbugs!
BDNOEK   No One Else to Kill
VMANTTK   No Time To Kill: True Stories of an Arizona Bounty Hunter
RFSNNSNNV   Noche Noche Velero Spanish/English Version: Nighty Night Sailboat
FNTBF   North Texas Book Festival
NPTU   Not at Peace with This Unfolding
NOTA   Not Authorized
JSMNC   Not My Child
GRNQH   Not Quite Healed

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