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KKD   Descent, The
SAD4D   Designed for Death
DROW   Desolation Row
JT69   Desperately Seeking Sixty-Nine
JDDC   Destination D.C.
JCDU   Destination Unknown
MHDANCE   Destined to Dance: A Novel about Martha Graham
JPDQB3   Destiny of the Queen
CAKDS   Deux Sleuths: The Mystery of the Midnight Thief
JBDBack   Devil's Backbone, The
DDDT   Devil's Dance: Dakota Territory
JBDD   Devil's Den, The
JBDTRAP   Devil's Trap, The
MHDDO   Diabetes Diet Options
MHDDOJ   Diabetes Journal
RRDF   Diamond Fields
JSMDP   Diamonds in the Ruff
ADDCG   Diaries of the Cheshire Girls
HCDBDD   Dinosaur Debut, The
JSMDNS   Dinosaur's New Shoes
JSD   Discovery
CJPDLS1   Divine Legacy
PABCANCER   Do Bad Dogs Get Cancer?
GADYHDS   Do You Have a Dream Workbook
GADYHD   Do You Have a Dream?
MMDW   Doctor's Wife, The
CCDTSUN   Does This Sound Unusual?
DOGGONE   Doggone Dead
FDBF   Dogwood Book Festival
JVDDCT   Domino the Donkey: A Christmas Tail
ELDEB   Don't Eat The Bluebonnets
PABSAYSEEU   Don't Say Good Bye Just Say See You!
DOORH   Door of the Heart, The
TSDBLHP   Double Her Pleasure
DBLTC   Double T - Double Cross: The Firing of Coach Mike Leach: The Backroom
DBLT   Doubletake
GNDRAGON   Dragon Hatchling
ABAVOL3   Dragon Redeemer
GNDRAGONK   Dragons for Kris
DRAGONSJ   Dragons of Jade
KKDREAMB   Dream Big
GRDH   Dream on a Hill: Visions in Black and Gold
KSDWD   Dream World Defenders
SONGFFH4   Dreaming Easy
DCCT   Dreams Can Come True
JPDQB1   Dreams of the Queen
WLPDREAMS   Dreams of the West
CPDSON   Driving into the Son
DRSE   Drowning in Secret
DRY   Dry, The
MAPDULL   Dullahan, The Haunting at Bordman’s Crossing
JCDD   Dumpster Dicing
KWDU   Duney
SRDUST   Dust in the Wind
MVELE   Eagle with a Lazy Eye, The
PWCED   Earth Day
FETBF   East Texas Book Festival
BHECHOES   Echoes from the Stars
SCECHOES   Echoes of the Hunt
JPEJ   Eclectic Jackie: An Anthology of Short Stories and Random Works
FBECEWS1   Eclectically Carnal: Eclectic Writings Series
FBECEWS2   Eclectically Criminal: Eclectic Writings Series
GAEC   Einstein's Compass: A Novel of What If
MVELESP   El Águila Con Un Ojo Perezoso
CGPOPSP   El Arbol de Palomitas
MVSBSP   El Burro Sonriente
MVLTSP   El Diente Perdido
MVCHICKSP   El Pollito Extraño
BH11   Eleven Days in Hell: The 1974 Carrasco Prison Siege in Huntsville, Texas
CAKEESPH   Eli the Elephant & the Secret Peanut Hideout
ELLAM   Ella Mae
CRE   Emissary
KWEJ   Emma's Journey
BDCOIN   Enchanted Coin, The
SSELETR   Encouragement Letters, The
BBE6   Enigma Always, The
BBE8   Enigma Broker, The
BBE9   Enigma Dragon, The
BBE1   Enigma Factor, The
BBE7E   Enigma Gamers, The
BBE3   Enigma Ignite, The
BBE2   Enigma Rising, The
BBE10   Enigma Source, The
BBE5   Enigma Stolen, The
BBE4   Enigma Wraith, The
EMZ   Entering the Mother Zone: Balancing Self, Health & Family
MHDETOUR   Entertaining Detours: Unique Tales from My Journey Along the Road Less Traveled
CMES   Epilogue to Survival
EPIP   Epiphany of Joy, The
FSEAP   Escape from Apartheid
KBEJEO   Essence of the Journey
KI7   Euterpe: The Fall of Freedom
EVESR   Eve's Requiem: Tales of Women, Mystery, and Horror
EMSW   Even More Stuff I Wrote: A Book Of Poetry
EGPM   Every Good Princess Marries A Prince
JCHEROES   Everyday Heroes
CMBEEB   Evriskon: Earth Bound
CMBEFL   Evriskon: Future Lost
PABINDIEEXER   Exercise Your Independence: Exercise Programs
EXTH   Expectation Therapy
ETL   Extinguishing the Light
LYEN1   Eyes of a Neighbor
PTWED   Eyes of the Doe, The
DLRFF   Faces in the Fire
FAER   Fae Ring, The
ABAVOL1   Fairy Keeper
TRFTBS   Fairy Tale * Bedtime Stories
TRFTNGG   Fairy Tales-Non Grimm Or Gruesome!
JPFA   Fairytale Apocalypse
EAMFR   Fallen Rose
FAMSEC   Family Secrets
PMAFD   Famous Dogs: Changing History One Dog (& Cat) at a Time
DNWFANCY1_2   Fancy
DNWFANCY3_5   Fancy - Vol 3-5
DNWFANCY6_7   Fancy Vol 6-7
DLRFFL   Fanning the Flames
JKFHR   Farmhosue in the Rain, A
CASFC   Fate's Call
MVFG   Fearless Grandpa, The
FVT   Federico Villalba's Texas
FVTX   Federico Villalba's Texas
MSFTFB   Fifth Trumpet: Fire in the Blood, The
FCPS   Fighting CPS
EPFILLUP   Fillup The Cup
FSTA   Film Stars and Their Awards
JDFD   Final Delivery
JSMFPS   Final Pet Stop (Patches the Dog)
LYFinal   Final Ride, The
MPBFMB   Find My Baby
JCFG   Finding God
FL3   Finish Line
EWFD   Fire Diary
SMTF   Firebrand
KI1   First Contact: Escape to 55 Cancri
ELFLF   First Last Forever
FIVEK   Five Keys for Understanding Men: A Woman's Guide
LLFS   Flames on the Sky
HLFS   Flaming Sword, The
SGCFFA   Florence Flies Alone
FANDR   Flowers and Stone
JJFLOWERS   Flowers In Winter
CJWALMART   Flying Saucers Attack Walmart
JCFA   Flying with Angels
JCFO   Focused
RRFYN   Follow Your Neighbor
FOOTM   Football Man, The
JFFSOL   For Shrieking Out Loud
CJPCRS5   Forever Fall
LBHBride   Forever His Texas Bride
BLBFM   Forgive Me
MLFOR   Forgotten
BWFB   Forgotten Boxes
FORHER   Former Hero, The
MWFM   Fort Medano
JTFB   Fortune Brawling: The Fortune Series
SONGFFH1   Forty Foot High
FortyFHCD   Forty Foot High Full CD
FOURST   Four Star Funerals: An Anthology About Death
FOURGEN   Fourth Generation, The
CRFW   Fractured Wings
JBFLIWW   Frank Little and the IWW
DSBFEC   Fred Visits the Emearald Coast
DSBFECC   Fred Visits the Emearald Coast Color Book
DBFTS   Fred's Texas Stampede
JBCFF   Freed to Forgive
KIFREEDOM   Freedom's Hammer: Abradus: Viridian’s Secret
CPFNDLF   Friday Nights Don't Last Forever
FF   Friends Forever
LBJFT   Friendship Train, The
TGVEGAS   From Las Vegas to the Promised Land
PHFPT1   From Planet Texas, With Love and Aliens
SONGFFH2   From the Bottle to the Needle
LJBSCIS   From the Soul into the Cast Iron Skillet–2nd Helpin’
PMAFDPP   Fun Days in Pittsburgh, PA
PMASPI   Fun Days on South Padre Island
PABOLDEREXER   Functional Fitness for Older Adults
MFFD   Future Discovered
EMG   Galveston 1900
GALIA4   Galveston 1900: Indignities, The Affirmation
GALIA2   Galveston 1900: Indignities, The Aftermath
GALIA   Galveston 1900: Indignities, The Arrival
GALIA3   Galveston 1900: Indignities, The Atonement
GALIA6   Galveston: 1900 – Indignities: The Altercation
GALIA5   Galveston: 1900 – Indignities: The Arrangement
GAPH2   GAPH 2: The Readers
CVGS   Garden of Souls, The
BBDGARY   Gary The Go-Cart: Carbon Comes out of the Closet
BBDWIND   Gary the Go-Cart: Wind Blows
JPGSGS   Gatehaven Study Guides, The
JPGSGT   Gatehaven Study Guides, The
JDGP   Gateway - Pioche
GAYP   Gay Perspective
GAYS   Gay Spirituality
GDGM   Gene McCullagh
HLGT   Genesis Tree, The
BWSF5   Genny's Ballad
GG   Genuinely Georgetown

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