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CPBP   Black Pony, The
SP5BRW   Black Rose Writing
JBBR   Black Roses
JWBTCM   Blades Carry Me, The
JSBM   Blessed are the Merciful
DMB   Blessing, The
MSBUA   Blood Under The Altar
BLOODW   Blood Warriors: American Military Elites
DHBTSS   Bloodstained Tales of Sin And Sex
MWBR   Bloodstone Reckoning, The
JSBF   Bloody Fifth, The
DRBSS   Blue Suede Shoes
SDUNICORNJ   Blue Unicorn's Journey to Osm, The
SDUNICORNJBW   Blue Unicorn's Journey to Osm, The
SDUNICORNJC   Blue Unicorn's Journey to Osm, The
SDUNICORNJT   Blue Unicorn's Journey to Osm, The
JKBlunder   Blunder, The
BOBBYJ   Bobby Jay
BOBBYJTD   Bobby Jay and Teacher's Desk
BOBBYJUG   Bobby Jay Gets an Ug
BODYB   Body Business, The
JGBJ   Book of Jacob, The
BORGH   Border Ghosts
BOMA   Born Mad
BOG   Bouncing off Guardrails
SPBMC   Bourgeois Media & Consulting
BOXBED   Boxes for Beds
SMBPBI   Brand a Positive Business Image
BNSW   Brand New Stuff I Wrote
BSNSW   Brand Spanking New Stuff I Wrote: A Book Of Poetry
LAHBG2   Branden's Ghost Hunters
LAHBG1   Branden's Ghosts
KKB   Breaking, The
BOTW   Bridge Over Troubled Waters
DMMBSALHT   Broken Spoke: Austin's Legendary Honky-Tonk, The
SRMBruce   Bruce Super Reader Mug
SRTSBruce   Bruce Super Reader T-shirt
PHBUDDING   Budding Poets II
SNBB   Buddy the Butterfly
SNBB2   Buddy the Butterfly Book 2
DVBFCH   Building Faith Through A Carpenter's Hands
ELBB   Bully in the Barnyard
KWBB   Bunny in the Bluebonnets
CAKBBBD   Bunnycakes: The Bunny with Big Dreams
BURNO   Burnout
SMBB   Business Blunders!
BIZMEM   Business Sponsorship
LBBB   Buttercup Blues
BUZZK   Buzzkill
BYBOOK   By the Book
NMCAW   Caden and Awesome World
BDCCK   Caffeine Can Kill
CALCOL   Calculated Collision
AGCGRRC   California Gold Rush Romance Collection, The
CJPDUTY   Call to Duty, The
LDCEM   Calling of Ella McFarland, The
LJBCDP   Canning, Dehydrating, Pickling, and Preserving: Recipes for World War I
PECS   Captain's Stories - Tales of Travel
TSCAP   Captured Pleasure
MECM   Caras Magicas
MBCL   Carissa's Law
TTCA   Carried Away
SMCP   Casual Power
CWWF   Cat Who Wanted to Fly, The
MPBCMYC   Catch Me if You Can
JDCAT2   Catfished Again! Jeff and Nadezhda's Steamy Romance: From Russia with Love?
JDCAT   Catfished? Jeff and Julia's Saga
SPCH   Cave Henricks Communications
CADMD   Celebration of Authors Dinner Tickets Only
CADM   Celebration of Authors Marketing Tickets
JBCS   Cerulean Seas
CHACOL   Chance Collision
JFCH   Chance....and other horrors
MWCS   Charlie's Spacesuit
CLGSS   Charmed Lives: Gay Spirit in Storytelling
KRCG   Chased by Grace
RNCHFAIRY   Chasing Fairytales
ASCHEMS   CHEMS: Chemical Zombie Soldiers
MLC2   Cherubs 2
JP3OCH   Chicago Terminus, The
TMCPS   Chicken Poop for the Soul
DWCS1   Chicken Scratch: The Sisters, Texas Series
SWCMASNORE   Chores Make Me Snore
KKC   Chosen, The
BALE   Christian Bale: The Inside Story of the Darkest Batman
DNWC101   Christianity 101: The Simplified Christian Life
RLWVADIM   Chronicles of Captain Vadim Alevsky, The
CHRD50   Chronicles of Henry Roach-Dairier: New South Dairy Colony 50, The
CHRDRR   Chronicles of Henry Roach-Dairier: The Re-creation of Roacheria, The
CHRDT   Chronicles of Henry Roach-Dairier: To Build a Tunnel, The
MNBCT   Cinderella Texas
JHHCC   Circumstances of Childhood
CW100   Civil War 100
JCCBF   Cleansed By Fire
SPCFP   Clear Fork Publishing
CSW   Clear Stone, Wyoming
MMCLINT   Clint’s Journey Home
DLRCA   Cloak of Ashes
LMCH   Close to Home
CLOWNH   Clown Who Came Down With a Frown, The
JACDH   Cold Day In Hell
BDCWK   Cold Winter's Kill
COLCON   Collision Control
COLFOR   Collision Force
TJNPRISM   Color of the Prism
MBCD   Comanche Dawn
KFCP   Comfort Plans
WBCOMP   Company A
VSCM   Compassion Magic
RWCUG   Conduct Unbecoming of a Gentleman
WWUCG   Conduct Unbecoming of a Gentleman
CBWIFE   Confession of a Battered Wife
CTMT   Connection Terminated: A Mendez Tale
PMAC   Consequence
CPCL   Conspiracy of Lies
KSCC   Constellation Crimes
TSCONST   Constructed Pleasure
CRC   Consumed
JHHCONTACT   Contact, The
BEC   Contest, The
CONV   Convict and the Rose, The
BLBCM   Convince Me
JSMCRDC   Cooper: A Rescue Dog's Tale Coloring and Activity Book
CCCJWN   Copper Country Chronicler: The Best of J.W. Nara
ASCL   Copper Lake
MECOR   Corpus
GDDK   Cory Collins
JHCA   Countdown to Atomgeddon
JHCAE   Countdown to Atomgeddon - Europe
SONGER5   Country DJ
SONGER1   Country Music Station
GRCBABYH   Cowboy's Baby Goes To Heaven, The
GRCBABY   Cowboy's Baby, The
JB1872   Cowtown Texas 1872
LKCZ   Coyote Zone
JDCU   Cracking Up
SPCMB   Create My Books
KJC   Creation of Kaitlyn Jones, The
SPCS   Creation Station
SPCSPOT   Creative Spot Magazine
CJCRATURE   Creature
KICROSS   Cross the Styx: And Dance with the Devil
CRLINE   Crossing the Line
CROSSW   Crosswinds
ADCMT   Cry of the Mock Turtle
CNFCC   Cuentos Chicanos
MTCURSE   Curse of Al Capone's Gold
VFCB   Cursed Blessing
DADLOV   Daddy's Love
DAMG   Damaged Goods
JGDB   Dance of the Broken
LCDBS   Dancing with The Night- a Bedtime Story
DL   Dandy Lion
DANDRA   Dangerous Dragon
NMDL   Dangerous Love: A short story about the danger that lurks behind love
KWD   Danny
AGDaredevils   Daredevils
DARKD   Dark Descent
THDLK   Dark Lord of Kismera
LTDM   Dark Money
DTB   Darker than Black
CDDARLA   Darla - The Roller Derby Queen
DOFT   Daughter of Texas
LODBM   Daughters of Bad Men
CVDDSE   Day of the Dark: Stories of Eclipse
DAYX   Day X Ran Away, The
SDDAY   Daydreams from a Working Stiff
DELEON   De Leon
BLBDDUMP   Dead in a Dumpster
BLBDPARK   Dead in a Park
BDDMCK   Dead Men Can Kill
KRDOA   Dead On Arrival
LTDP   Dead Peasants
DEADP   Dead Perfect
MBDR   Dead Reckoning
LPDD   Deadly Dominoes
DMDE   Deadly Encounter
RRDL   Deadly Lode
DEADTHY   Deadly Thyme
PETEY   Dear Aunt Peggy: Emails from Petey Pup
DTDCM   Dear Child of Mine
SGCDD   Dear Diary: My Brother Died Today
DEARD   Dear Douglas
DTRS   Dear Texas Radio Spot
CRDE2   Death Edge 2: 7 Bone-Chilling Stories of Suspense
CRDE   Death Edge Tales: 7 Nail-Biting Stories of Suspense
SPBDP   Death of a Prince
DTRDEATH   Death of Liberty, The
NLDWD   Death of Washington's Democracy?, The
DSBDPC   Death on Paradise Creek
MTDS   December's Soldiers
DMDE2   Deep Extraction
TTDH   Deep in my Heart
DEEPH   Deep in the Heart
KRDHT   Deep in the Heart of Texas
SONGER3   Den of Sins
CMBDP   Depths of Perception

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