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My name is Mike Wigington, and I am the author of The Bloodstone Reckoning, a writer and poet. This is where I put my thoughts and things that go bump in my head. I love adventure and stories of adventure. I grew up on tales of King Arthur, King David, Hercules, Audie Murphy and other heroes. In regards to heroic deeds and tales of those who dare to take up the mantle of hero and walk that lonely path, I have never grown weary of hearing such tales. So much so that I now wish to put heroic deeds in writing myself. It is an homage of sorts. I loved Beowulf in school when others disdained that epic read. Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey is another great read. I spent days enthralled by The Scarlet Pimpernel. The list can go on and on.

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Shadows of Wychering
Shadows of Wychering
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Bloodstone Reckoning, The
Bloodstone Reckoning, The
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The Earth Mother Saga - Volume 1