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Educational Leadership * Curriculum Development * Innovative Initiatives * Diversity * Student Motivation

I am a dedicated educator and instructional leader with a record of accomplishment in developing innovative initiatives and establishing strategies and plans that yield impressive results; known for motivating students to achieve high goals as well as increasing positive parental involvement at all levels; adept at instituting positive learning environments and effectively responding to the needs of students and staff. I have excellent communication and interpersonal abilities coupled with strong organizational, problem solving, critical thinking and project management skills.

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” This quote by Warren Bennis is important for me to keep in mind and reflect upon when I am teaching future leaders or coaching current leaders. It reminds me of the significant role I play in preparing and supporting leaders whether they serve in the capacity of classroom teacher, school administrator, district level leadership, business or community/civic organizations. The ability to translate one’s vision into reality that reflects a shared vision of members of the organization the individual serves is the epitome of true leadership.

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