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Kris Clink lives in Texas. Her debut work, Fiercest Where We Are Fractured, is ready to roll (upmarket women’s / commercial fiction, 89,250 words). Kris recently completed the manuscript for Save Us, Saint Aloysius (58,000 words, Young Adult).

Kris came into this world screaming for pen and paper. Landing in an Italian family, they gave her pasta, instead. Writing proprietary pieces for employers, she honed her craft, smiling and waving through years as a grad student, college instructor, hospice educator, development manager and nonprofit director.

There’s a saying in Texas: “I wasn’t born here, but I got here as soon as I could.” Kris was, in fact, born in Texas. She ran to the writing world as soon as soon as she had the material she needed to write compelling stories. A graduate of West Texas A&M University with B.S. in Speech Communication and M.A. in Communication, Kris published a Master’s Thesis, “Nonverbal Communication and Formative Family Size.” She has contributed content for Plainspeaking, Spirit Magazine, and Accent West.

She is a member of High Plains Writers, TxAuthors, and Writers’ League of Texas.

Kris and her husband have four grown children and three precious grandbabies. She enjoys cooking, traveling, concerts, and fly-fishing. She feels at home wherever she can open her laptop and transport the images in her mind to life on the page.

Her beautiful, bewildering writing companion, Sophieanne, is a 140-pound harlequin Great Dane.