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Kira Janene Holt lives and writes from the top of a hill outside of Austin, Texas. After 30+ years in education, Kira retired to focus on writing. She writes fiction, creative non-fiction, and self help materials to assist parents and students in making the transition from secondary to postsecondary education. Her passion is to help with college planning - including college entrance exams, financial aid, scholarships, essay writing, colleges searches, and college applications.

Cookbook for Getting Your Kid to College is a concise, easy to step-by-step guide designed to assist parents helping their children navigate the college planning process. It's available in Spanish too. Coaching Your Kid to Success shares information about how parents can work with their kids on behavioral skills as well as academics for college, career, and life success. College planning and college success doesn't begin during one's senior year. Designing A College Plan Unique to YOU focuses on helping aspiring students of all ages take their needed steps to find their best educational choice.

Kira's currently published fiction, Rapid Descent - Nightmare in the Grand Canyon, tells of a rafting trip gone horribly wrong. It's based on a real rafting trip that resulted in several divorces - her own included. She's writing the sequel, Fantasy Rocked Reality, as well as other fiction and memoir.

Kira has a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in Human Services. In addition to writing about college and career planning, she also speaks to groups of parents, students, teachers, school administrators, and counselors on topics related to college planning.

Please visit her blog at www.kiraholt.com to learn the latest about her Struggles with Life After 50 and her creative writing projects.