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D.K. King was born in Houston, Texas in the early sixties. He was raised by a father who was a Houston Police Detective and a mother who was a school teacher. His father, O.G. King became a policeman in 1959 and retired from the job in 1983. He went on to work as an investigator for the Harris County District Attorney’s office before retiring again in 1996. The years of police work took its toll on him and D.K. King watched as his father’s health slowly deteriorated over the years. Mr. King’s father still resides in Houston, and has been a huge asset in the research he has conducted for his novels.

In 2011, D.K. King was toying with the idea of writing a book about the lives of policemen. He wanted to tell the story of what these individuals go through when they choose to be peace officers. The novels he creates are fictional stories that are written to depict the strengths and the weaknesses of these individuals as well as the heartache and pain they are witness to on a regular basis. With current reports of misconduct among police officers throughout the country, Mr. King feels it is important to his father’s legacy to make the general public aware of what these officers are up against and how difficult of a position our society has placed upon them.

In his first novel, The Volunteer, he introduces the reader to a thirty-year veteran of the Houston Police Homicide Division who has been witness to the aftermath of way to many heinous murders. His personal life has been destroyed by the job and his personality is only a grim peace of who he once was. After a partner is killed while conducting a routine investigation, he ends his carrier and tries to recover from the years of psychological damage he has sustained.

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Volunteer, The
Volunteer, The
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