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Do you love going to the dentist? It is a dreaded experience for many, but I have worked to allay fears by empowering patients.

Today we are talking about National Health Care - be careful what you wish for! The UK has had free dental services for over sixty years - and the British are known for the worst teeth in the world. Why? The reason unfortunately lies in the fact that you will receive whatever treatment dentists are paid for. In the UK, when I graduated, dentists were paid more to take out teeth and heavily fill them than do any preventive work. Many teenagers had dentures given to them as "wedding gifts". Sadly there are serious general health complications from dental disease and tooth loss.

You may think that the US has great dental care. US dentists do a lot of cleanings, fixing teeth and wonderful restorative work. Unfortunately this is another example of dentists doing treatments that pay the most. Why don't people in the US know that cavities can be reversed by you - at home - using o-t-c rinses? Why don't mothers know that children who eat a little xylitol growing up will be more protected from cavities in adulthood than from fluoride treatments or sealants?

My passion is to bring honest oral health education to patients. Interestingly this knowledge differs widely from the accepted mantra of dentistry. I want patients to be able to access the truth about teeth. Health professionals should be tested ( like a CPR test) on Evidence Based study results that indicate many diagnostic methods are ineffective and that patients can actually "clean" their own teeth with the correct o-t-c- products and avoid treatments.

I married a chef and we run a restaurant in Upstate NY, famous for desserts and pastries. The staff have used my system of care for decades and have the most beautiful teeth and shiny, clean smiles! This is what I want to do for others.

You can protect your own teeth if you know what to do! Dental disease is a bacterial disease and it transfers to others during kissing and sharing food. Parents infect their children and spouses infect each other. Flossing and brushing is not enough to stop this disease. My websites and books describe simple ideas, with explanations, that can change anyone's oral health for life! I believe this is my best service as a dentist - to help people avoid dental treatments and disease.

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