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After doing research on my family history for more than twenty years, I knew I had a story. I wrote and published my first novel, "George's Creek to Georgia", about my ancestors from 1790 until 1880. Since then I have penned an additional eight books, four are chapter books for young readers. One of them, "Little Man: A Little Girl's Dream", is being used in reading classes and the libraries in the Mesquite, TX, elementary schools. I love writing!! It brings back so many memories of things from my past, and since my husband is retired, I can spend full time on it. My first book was published by Tate Publishing but I have since been doing business with Createspace.com which is a POD subsidiary of Amazon. It gives me so much more control over my work and my pricing. I can publish within a month after completion and Tate would only do one book each year. My latest novel, "Mathen's Secrets", is a wonderful story of ordinary people in the 1920's and is not the usual, worn gangster story. I think you'll like it because it is an amusing, romantic novel with a lot of smiles and several giggles.