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TMFM5A   Mr. Funderburk Meets 5A
SSGRIEVES   Mr. Grieves
MMAAD   Muddy Madeleine Meets an Arach-A-Doo
JCMC   Murder a Cappella
MFRD   Murder for a Rainy Day
PMAMTR   Murder Takes a Ride
SPBMJ   Murdered Judges
AWBIGT   My Big Tree
PWCONE   My Brother Came Home with a Cone on His Head
RCMHJ   My Dad is in Heaven with Jesus
PWCMFM   My Family and Me
MFLY   My First Last Year
SPBMFM   My First Murder
LLMHWFY   My Heart Will Find Yours
LFKOH   My Journey Into The Oncoming Holocaust
JGMWCCM   My World, My Words
LBJMDP   Mystery of Desolation Point
KBNPPE   Nacho Perez, Private Eye
CMNK   Naked Killer, The
NARROW   Narrow Gate, The
CRLNC   Naughtiness is Contagious, An Orgy of Erotic Poetry
NLDAF   Neon Lights and Drinks After Five
CMNB   Nesselorette The Book
CMNGIRL   Nesselorette The Girl
KALNET   Never Enough Time
LJBBRR   New Birmingham-A Recollection of Recipes
WBNMTHE   New Mexican, The
LMNT   New Terrirtory
LMNTR   New Territory Revealed
NEXTS   Next Stop, Heaven
NICKOA   Nick the Owlets Adventure
CPMSD   Night Side of Dark
LMNK   Nightmare King, The
JPNQB2   Nightmares of the Queen
RFSNNS   Nighty Night Sailboat
RFSNNSKW   Nighty Night Sailboat Celebrates a Key West Birthday
RFSNNSSPAIN   Nighty Night Sailboat Goes to Spain
RFSNNSB   Nighty Night Sailboat in the Bahamas
RFSNNSPIRATES   Nighty Night Sailboat Searches for Pirates
RFSNNSH   Nighty Night Sailboat Takes Juni to the Hospital
WL9I   Nine Days in Italy
JACNCH   No Chance in Hell
JACNGH   No Greater Hell
ANLNR   No Limits No Regrets
NMSTINK   No More Stinkbugs!
RFSNNSNNV   Noche Noche Velero Spanish/English Version: Nighty Night Sailboat
FNTBF   North Texas Book Festival
NPTU   Not at Peace with This Unfolding
NOTA   Not Authorized
JSMNC   Not My Child
GRNQH   Not Quite Healed
JEDNSGAN   Not So Great American Novel, The
KGNWTX   Notable Women of Texas
NYD-0001   Now You're Dead - eBook ePub
NYD-0002   Now You're Dead - eBook Kindle
GAOCGT   Observer: The Colonel George Trofimoff Story
GAOPP   Observer: The Prison People; The Prison Experience
GAORLJB   Observer: The Ronnie Lee and Jackie Bancroft Spencer Morgan Story
JDOCC   Occupation
MVCHICK   Odd Chick, The
ABCOLD   Of the Coldblooded
ABPERS   Of the Persecuted
SONGFFH10   Ol' Texas Red
LJBOCCCB   Old Coot’s Campfire Cookin’ Book
JSOFG   Old Fashion Girl
COON   Oldest Coon Hunter In Somervell Co
BDONPED   On a Pedestal
OMWF   Once More with Feeling
OBST   One Bloody Shirt at a Time
OSV   One Small Victory
GMWOSOM   One Soul One Mind
LMOSF   One Step Forward
OSA   One Summer in Arkansas
OS   Open Season
OMES   Open the Mind - Excersies the Soul
OMESW   Open the Mind - Excersies the Soul - Workbook
JROS   Orphan in the Storm
RLOFA   Oscar's Favorite Actors
SRMOsmosis   Osmosis Super Reader Mug
SRTSOsmosis   Osmosis Super Reader T-shirt
JHHOJ   Our Justice
JTOBA   Out of the Box Awakening
JTOBE   Out of the Box Everlasting
JTOBR   Out of the Box Regifted
ODL   Out of the Darkness Into the Light
JCOMDB   Over My Dead Body
NEBOE   Over the Edge
OVERM   Overdue for Murder
OCH   Oveta Culp Hobby
MFOJ   Oys and Joys
RDLPD   Pact with the Devil, The
DHTPPAN   Padre Pandemic, The
DHTPPAR   Padre Paranoia, The
DHTPPOI   Padre Poison, The
DHTPP   Padre Predator, The
DHTPPUZ   Padre Puzzle, The
KSPAINT   Painting, The
PARF   Paradise Forbidden
JFPMGB   Paragraphs: Mysteries of the Golden Booby
PARSCO   Parchment Scroll, The
PARTYW   Party Weird: Festivals and Fringe Happenings of Austin
JSMPAD   Patches' Awesome Day
LMPA   Pathway to Anyverse
PPP   Patients the Paramedic Pup
PABL   Patriot's Blood
DTSPT   Patriots of Treason
RSDPK   Peace Keeper, The
DTPE   Peace of Evon
RDLPPFC   Perfect Pro Football Coach, The
MLPS1   Perfect Seduction
MLPS2   Perfect Surrender
AZPF   Phantom of the Fortress, The
ASPS   Phantom Student, The
PHX   Phoenix
FBPDE   Picture Day, Ella
LHKPA   Pirates Attack
KI6   Pirates of the Void: Chronicle of the descendants of Joshua Penrose Pirate
CMBPBZ   Plan B: Zombie
PAS   Play it Again Sam
PLANG   Playing the Angel
GRPBP   Please Be Patient, I'm Grieving
CRLPM   Poetic Nympho
PWAP   Poetry with a Purpose
PWCPA   Point of it All
CPPSABP   Pony Stories: Anthology of The Black Pony Adventures
LBPF   Poppy Fever
CJPMMKS   Powered to Move: The Mike King Story
AKRPB   Praire Brides
JHPRIM   Primed
JZPLSG   Priorities for Life Study Guide
MPBPB   Promise Broken
MPBPH   Promise Her
MPBPK   Promise Kept
MPBPM   Promise Made
GRPH   Promise on a Hill: Draped in Black and White
MPBPR   Promise Renewed
MPBPT   Promise Them
CBPF   PROUD FLESH: The Resurrection of Baby B
CMBP1Z   Psych 101: Zombie
GWPB   Pump the Bear
GWPBMA   Pump's Magical Adventures - Too Tired To Play
DTRPURGE   Purge on the Potomac
LMPS   Pushed to the Stars
LGQT1   Quest Theater: Bones in the Basement
QTRAIL   Quivera Trail, The
RAGET   Rage Trilogy, The
CJRAGMAN   Ragman: A Horror Story
RAINB   Rainbows Wait for Rain
SGCR   Rainfrog
KKRDW   Rainy Day Women
DCRH   Raising A Hand
TMRR   Rambler Rose
KJHRD   Rapid Descent: Nightmare in the Grand Canyon
DWRW   Ravening Wolves
MAPRC   Ravens Cove: An Alaska Iconoclast Mystery
BDRAW   Raw Deal
ADRLDT   Real Live Dead Things
DJRC   Realmsic Conquest, The
LERGK   Red Goes to Kindergarten
KRRL   Red Lace: A Hard Men of the Rockies Novella
REDR   Red Rose
CCRWA   Red Wine & Alibis
REDROAD   Redemption Road
REELT   Reel Transformation
JCMRPR   Reluctant Little Prince, A
MLRH   Render Harmless
LJBRWWII   Replica of the WWII Ration Cook Book
REQA   Republic of Austin, The
PWRWP   Rescue At Wiseman's Pond
TWR   Resist
REW   Restaurant at the end of the World, The
ANRESTORE   Restore, Restore, Restore and More
ANRD   Restore, Restore, Restore Devotional
GRTRUE2   Return of Truepenny, The
JFRF   Return to Forever
RESUL   Return to Sulphur River
REVHEA   Revelation of my Heart
REVE   Revenge
RCDTLN   Revenge of the Cube Dweller: A Tanzie Lewis Novel
MAFRR   Revolutionary Recruiting
RIRO   Rich Roots
RSER   Rick Sikes & The Rhythm Rebels Early Recordings Full CD
SGCRS   Ride to the Stars
TCR   Ridiculosity
RRRLG   Right and Left Grand: Right and Left Grand
JHRIV   Riven
RITO   River Town
BHRLD   Rivers of Life – and Death, The
ROADK   Roadkill
MVRM   Rock Moved, The
PMARC   Roll Call: Women's Voices
AFRHAN   Rose and Her Amazing Nose
RRBA   Round and Round and Back Again
RRRS   Ruby Silver
RHKRUBY   Ruby's Prayer

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