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HTPLS   Hamilton Troll meets Pink Light Sprite
HTRR   Hamilton Troll meets Rudy Rat
HTSS   Hamilton Troll meets Skeeter Skunk
HTST   Hamilton Troll meets Starlit Troll
HTWO   Hamilton Troll meets Whitaker Owl
KRHO   Handled By Officer
HARE   Hands of Retribution
NBHDAY   Hangin' Day
HCDBHC   Happy Campers, The
ECHISP   Happy In Spite of People
PMHD   Hard Whispers
FHHAF   Harker Heights Author Fair
KHTH   Hashtagged
KIGHOSTS   Haunted Encounters-Ghost Stories from Around the World
RHBHGSTY   Have I Got a Story to Tell You
AFHYSME   Have You Seen My Egg
ELHHQ   Hayfest A Holiday Quest
BWHKM   He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not
CTMHKP   He Knows The Plan
MHHNE   Hear No Evil
WLHSBM   Heart & Soul of a Black Man, The
LBHTC   Heart of a Texas Cowboy, The
SPBHD   Heart of Divorce
RNHGOLD   Heart of Gold
CMBHVF   Heart: a Vsceral Fantasy
GRHEART   Heartbroken
LBHS   Hearts and Spurs
CCYHUM   Hearts Under the Moon
RFRH   Heathen
SCHH   Heaven Held
DNWHS   Heaven Sent
ROHHP   Heaven's Promise
CSHOH   Heels over Head
JAHHW   Hell Or High Water
HELLS   Hell's Super
SONGFFH12   Hello Honey Hello
HGD   Her Guarded Desire
KBHMPG   Her Most Precious Gift
KBHMPGDG   Her Most Precious Gift Devotional Study Guide
RAHTGT   Here Today, Gone Tamale
ABHANA   Hi My Name is Hanna and I'm Adopted
HIDC   Hidden Creek
DMDE3   High Treason
CASHV   Highland Valentine
CASHP   Highlander's Portrait
JHHHR   His Revenge
LJBHMR   History in the Making: Recipes for One, Two, or More
HCDBHB   Hit the Beach!
BDEHW   Hollow Wings
BWHASO   Home Again: Starting Over
JSHL   Home at Last
LMH   Homecoming
RGH   Homer
LBJHR   Homer the Racehorse
CAKHJ   Hope's Journey
JSDHOUR   Hour Glass, The
KKHC   House Corovin
HFTRGBT   How Far Tomorrow: Remembering the Georgia Battalion in Texas
LLSOB   How To Be A Smart Sob Like Me
VFHCD   How to Comfort the Dying
DHHW   Hulagu's Web
SONGER6   Hundred Miles of River
MVHO   Hungry Owl, The El Buho Hambriento – Bilingual
JCHS   Hush in the Storm
SONGER9   I Dreamed I Heard the Angels Sing
IJCH   I Just Came Here to Dance
LFKONE   I Will Be The One
RGIWF   I Wish to Fish
DJIE   Icon of Earth, The
RJPWWY   If I Weren't With You
AWILOO   Iggy Loo
LMI   Ignite
TLI   Ignite
CMIW   Ignorant Widow, The
GRIMM   Ill Met By Moonlight
MAIW   Ill Wind
ARICBC   Illness Can Be the Cure
MFIG   Immortal Guardian
ITP   In the Pew
JFSS   In the Shadow of Suribachi
MAPIN   Ingress: An Alaska Iconoclast Mystery
LTIP   Insanity Plea, The
ICSV   Inside the Crosshairs: Snipers in Vietnam
IVC   Inside the VC and the NVA: The Real Story of North Vietnam's Armed Forces
LLIA   Into Autumn: A Novel
LLIS   Into Spring
LHIRED   Into the Redwoods
JGSIM   Inventing Madness
LAWKIA   Invitations From Afar
VGILT   Iron Legs in the Trees, The
LAIAGN   It's All Good News: Encouragement for Every Season
JHDIFFERENT   It's Okay to be Different
TMVAC   It's Summer Vacation! Now What Do We Do?
DKITH   It's Their House, I'm Just a Guest
PYWINDY   It's Too Windy!
ITIACW   Itching Tree, Idaho: A Christian Western
JFJBETTER   Jacks or Better
JALM   Jalapeno Man, The
ADJFK   JFK Assassination Eyewitness
JD2   John Doe No 2 and the Dreamland Motel
SPJHP   John Hardy Publishing
JONAH   Jonah Prophet
CCJ   Journeys
PWCJJ   Joy for the Journey
DH1967   June 17, 1967: The Battle of Xom Bo II
MHJGCF   Just Good Clean Fun
DWJP   Justice Perverted
KJRF   Kaitlyn Jones: Reuniting Fate
KJSD   Kaitlyn Jones: Surving Death
GDKG   Kate Green
GDKSG   Kathleen's Graphics
DPKD   Katrina Dogs
LFKCC   Kerr Construction Company
LJBKC   Ketchup If You ‘Can’ Paperback
KMN   Kid Me Not
KINGT   King Travis: The Most Perfect Boy in the World
CAKKTFB   King Tut’s Feathered Palace
KINGV   Kings & Vaqueros
KYDG   Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye
ELKA   Kissed by an Angel
MVLPSM   La Piedra Se Movio
LADYK   Ladykiller
CJLPRS   Laredo Paranormal Research Society, The
DGLARK   Lark, The
JEDLASSA   Last Assassination, The
MBLC   Last Chance, The
AWLS   Laura's Secrets
TRLSW   Lawless Side of War, The
FSLM   Lawyer Magic
MFLMNB   Leaders are Made Not Born
SDRFSTieOlder   Learn To Tie A Tie
SDRFSTie   Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox
Lector   Lector
SPMLS   Ledbetter Street
SONGFFH9   Leftover Feelings
LEG   Legacy
LJM   Legend of Juan Miguel, The
IMLSM   Legend of Shane McLean
CPLSG   Legend of the Superstition Gold
JBLWG   Legend of the Washo Gold, The
RRLWC   Legend of War Creek
JCLL   Legitimate Lies
LEROY   Leroy the Cowboy
MWLWH   Let the Wolf Howl
WLLGHIH   Let's Go Home to Indiana Harbor
HCDBGRAM   Let's Go To Grammy's
LSM   Let's Scare Mom
CCLM   Letter to a Monster
THLQ   Lexin's Quest
KJHCCSP   Libro De Cocina para Llevar a Su Hijo a la Universidad
TALPH   License Plate Holders
MLLM   Life to the Max
IDLUNP   Life Under A New Perspective
JDLSLLM   Life's Spectrum Love, Loss, Military
BWLM   Light from Her Mirror
BFLIUD   Like I Used To Dance
ASLL   Lilac Lane
LHLMC   Lillie, A Motherless Child
KMLLD   Listening Like Breathing
TMBA   Little Bunny Gets an Award
LPH   Little Prairie Hen, The
DMLS   Little Soldier
JLLWL   Little White Light, The
MVLG   Littler Car, The
LIVEB   Live from the Boneyard
LBLF   Live@Five
LS1913   Living on Sisu: The 1913 Union Copper Strike Tragedy
RRLB   Load the Boat:
GRLA   Locked Arms: Mystery and Romance in New Orleans
AKRLL   Logan's Lady
TTLS   Lone Star
LSS   Lone Star Sons
THELC   Lonely Chair, The
SDLJR   Long Journey To Rneadal
LAD   Look Away Dixieland
BDLEK   Loose Ends Kill
LYIWLYM   Lose Your Inches without Losing Your Mind!
JFLP   Losing Patience
WDPLH   Lost Houston
DTLK   Lost King
LOMA   Lost Magic
MVLCE   Lost on Christmas Eve
MVLT   Lost Tooth, The
LOGA   Loup Garou
MYLCW   Love Circles the World
LOVEC   Love's Call
DBLR   Love's Reality
JDLTSC   Love's True Second Chance
LPAL   Lowly
MVLL   Lucky’s Lick
JHLC3   Luna City 3.1
JHLC4   Luna City IV
KMLWP   Lydia, Woman of Purple
KBLWPDSG   Lydia, Woman of Purple Devotional Study Guide
MEMF   Magic Faces
PFMGH   Magic Gingerbread House, The
LPMHM   Mah Jongg Murders, The

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