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MDMU   "Man-Up" Institute Guide
CT10GS   10 Steps to Girlfriend Status
104W   104 Ways to Starve Your Anger
12APRIL   12 April
13DAYS   13 Days: The Pythagoras Conspiracy
PMA15D   15 Dogs & Cats Speak Out
17BCTAA   2017 Book Contest Entry Form
18BC   2018 Book Contest Entry Form
EC35   35 Miles from Shore
KH40   40-day Journey With Kathleen Norris
VGG49   49: Wings & Prayers
5SPANKS   5 Greatest Spankings of all Time, The
CT6DD   6 Dates to Disaster
CT8NN   8 Notes to a Nobody
PRCFC   A Christmas For Carole
ACIR   A Christmas I Remember
LDACR   A Christmas to Remember
NMCIT   A Collection of Inspirational Thoughts: The Good, Bad, and Ugly
MHMJ   A Dangerous Woman: Mother Jones, an Unsung American Heroine
DASHM   A Dash of Murder
MVGUMBO   A Dog Named Gumbo
GAADW   A Dream is a Wish
DWAFP   A Foolish Plucking
JBGG   A Good Girl
CJAGRG   A Good Reason to Go
JSAHP   A Healing Place
DWAJG   A Jealous God
SDDLBNWT   A Little Boy from Nowhere Texas
MHAMW   A Misplaced Woman: A Novel of Courage in Verse
DWAPT   A Pigeon Tale
DWAPTSP   A Pigeon Tale - School Program
PLAA   A Plain Adventure
PLAW   A Plain Wish
RAINOT   A Rainbow of Thanks
KHRH   A Ready Hope
JPRYWE   A Risky Yet Worthwhile Endeavor
FSSM   A Serious Mistake
SHORTW   A Short Walk to the Edge of Life
JRCSM   A Silver Medallion
JCJOURNAL   A Simple Journal
ASIM   A Simpler Time
MBSD   A Song to Die For
CCSSS   A Sparrow's Sad Song
LLSC   A Stolen Chance
KALSL   A Story for Lily
LBTXCH   A Texas Christmas
SFMSTARS   A Thousand Stars
JCGOLD   A Ton of Gold
ATLS   A Tough Little Squirrel
ROHTT   A Twist of Tobacco
ROHVU   A Vow Unbroken
MHWCM   A Woman Called Moses
MVYCTDHSP   ¡No Puedes Llevarte el Dinosaurio a Casa!
MVAD   Abandoned Dog/El Perro Abandonado– Bilingual
PYRABC   ABC's to Ranching, The
FABF   Abilene Book Festival
DYAO   Abraham Oracle
AJASP   Accidental Joy: A Streak of Poetry
APS   Accidental Path to Sustainability
MRWAT   Act of Trust
MHAE   Acts by E-mail
ADEL1   Adelsverein: The Gathering
ADEL3   Adelsverein: The Harvesting
ADEL2   Adelsverein: The Sowing
PWCAO   Admit One
ARA   Adventures of Runt and Arnold, The
AKAFFF   After The Flowers Fade
AGGIEGR   Aggie Goose Rhymes
MEAK   Agla and Kevin
SRM4   All 4 Super Reader Mug
SRTS4   All 4 Super Reader T-shirt
SRT4   All 4 Super Reader Tote
ASALOVE   All for Love
ADAQH   All The Queen's Horses
FALBF   Allen Library Book Festival
ALLY   Ally Cat: A Tale of Survival
AKRAUP   Along Unfamiliar Paths
SRMAmal   Amal Super Reader Mug
SRTSAmal   Amal Super Reader T-shirt
TTAY   Amazed by You
PHAG   Amelia's Gift
MBAS   Among the Sheep
SRMAmpersand   Ampersand Super Reader Mug
SRTSAmpersand   Ampersand Super Reader T-shirt
JLAAVSD   An Almost Very Scary Day
RWAEL   An Enduring Love
BHEE   An Eye for An Eye: In Defense of the Death Penalty
ANUA   An Unlikely Arrangement
ANUB   An Unlikely Beginning
ANUC   An Unlikely Conclusion
ANUD   An Unlikely Deception
PRAUF   An Untimely Frost
AFT   Angel Falls, Texas
MPBAD   Angel in Disguise
ADAOM   Angel... And Other Myths
ABACBS   Angeline Cannot Be Seen
ABAMT   Angeline Makes the Team
ABAPWG   Angeline Paints with Green
ABAYMC   Angeline You Must Clean
AOC   Angry Orchard, Colorado
MVAS   Animal Stories/Cuentos de Animales
MBANN   Annalisse
ANNKIL   Anniversary Killer
LMATC   Another Think Coming
ADAE   Apocalypse ... Eventually
DSBAF   Apples For Fred
ELAQ   Aquasaurus
RGAWO   Arms Wide Open – The Ryelee Victoria Burris Story
CKAZ   Arthur Zarr's Amazing Art Car
JP3OSAS   Asesinato en un Hospital Psiquiatrico de San Antonio
KHA   Assunder
CLA   Asunder
WARC   At War With Cancer
KRMAUG   Augmentation of Man, The
ATTN   Austin, Texas - Then and Now
WDPATN   Austin: Then and Now
ABS   Author Bumper Sticker
AML1   Author Membership
RRAGAC   Author's Guide to AudioBook Creation, The
AME1   Authors Marketing Event
AWDS15   Award Stickers 2015
AWDS16   Award Stickers 2016
FAZ   Azle Art & Book Festival
CJBAG   B.A.G. Company, The
HCDBBB   Baby Buddy, The
JCBB   Baby Bunco
BACKL   Backlash
BACKM   Backmasking
BALGG   Balaam Gimble's Gumption
AFBBFDC   Bali and Blu: Friends of a Different Color
JSDBARG   Bargain, The
AKRBBRC   Bartered Bride Romance Collection, The
JSBC   Battle of the Crater, The
LABN   Be A Newsmaker
SONGER7   Be Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
MEBND   Be Not Deceived
MVBLAW   Bearly Learning About Water
BEABO   Beautiful Bones, The
BOFC   Because of the Camels
RWBSB   Before She Became a Lady
BEGSON   Begotten Son, The
CRB   Belonging
KWBIA   Beneath it All: A Collection of Poems
ADABBNB   Bent But Not Broken
KKBC   Betrayal of the Order
JBBWD   Between the Window and the Door
MLBLRN   Beyond Lace: A Hard Men of the Rockies Novella
JJBBP   Beyond the Beaten Paths
HCBMC   Bicycle of Many Colors, The
BBG   Big Bend Guide, The
KFBI   Big Inch, The
ML40   Big Mother 40
KWBIL   Billy
LLBN   Birdie's Nest
CPBPAB   Black Pony Adventures Activity Book, The
CPBP   Black Pony, The
SP5BRW   Black Rose Writing
JBBR   Black Roses
JWBTCM   Blades Carry Me, The
JSBM   Blessed are the Merciful
DMB   Blessing, The
BLOODW   Blood Warriors: American Military Elites
DHBTSS   Bloodstained Tales of Sin And Sex
JSBF   Bloody Fifth, The
DRBSS   Blue Suede Shoes
JKBlunder   Blunder, The
BOBBYJ   Bobby Jay
BOBBYJTD   Bobby Jay and Teacher's Desk
BOBBYJUG   Bobby Jay Gets an Ug
BODYB   Body Business, The
JGBJ   Book of Jacob, The
BORD   Bordens of Burkesville, The
BORGH   Border Ghosts
BOMA   Born Mad
BSN   Both Sides Now
BOG   Bouncing off Guardrails
SPBMC   Bourgeois Media & Consulting
BOXBED   Boxes for Beds
SMBPBI   Brand a Positive Business Image
BNSW   Brand New Stuff I Wrote
BSNSW   Brand Spanking New Stuff I Wrote: A Book Of Poetry
KKB   Breaking, The
BOTW   Bridge Over Troubled Waters
SRMBruce   Bruce Super Reader Mug
SRTSBruce   Bruce Super Reader T-shirt
SNBB   Buddy the Butterfly
SNBB2   Buddy the Butterfly Book 2
DVBFCH   Building Faith Through A Carpenter's Hands
ELBB   Bully in the Barnyard
KWBB   Bunny in the Bluebonnets
CAKBBBD   Bunnycakes: The Bunny with Big Dreams
BURNO   Burnout
SMBB   Business Blunders!
BIZMEM   Business Sponsorship
LBBB   Buttercup Blues
BUZZK   Buzzkill
BYBOOK   By the Book
NMCAW   Caden and Awesome World
CALCOL   Calculated Collision

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