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Pre-Native Texan – Relative – Davy Crockett – Alamo in Texas; Family – American Revolutionary War and Civil War, Father – Marine Corp World War II; Cousin – Former Head of White House Security

Thomas Fletcher Grooms (The Father of Market Intelligence) began working in the family retail business in a small country town at the age of 12. He was the first in his family to attend college. At 42 he returned to university to earn 2-Masters and 3-Doctorates, one being the coveted Henley Ph.D. Tom lives with his wife in Texas and enjoys reading, traveling, and learning. As a Late Bloomer, he started his career of choice as an independent Author.

Russia 1998, selected by Washington to serve on the 5-person team providing strategic business start-up, entrepreneurship, and small business incubator programs assistance contributing to the recovery of the national economy and industrial base. Tom’s major contribution was the advocacy to revise the tax code. In 2001, Russia made the conversion to a flat income tax which 1) increased government tax collections by double-digits and 2) stimulated growth of the national economy and industrial base, accomplishing his primary mission.

He is the Founder of The Academy of Market Intelligence (www.mkintel.org) and INTERCEDE Research Institute (IRI) to help others that need a different point of view.

Senior Corporate Executive, Domestic and International, Manufacturing and Wholesale of Industrial Products. His work experience has taken him to over 20 countries.

Prof. Dr. Grooms is an internationally known Educator and Scholar. Full Professor of International Business and Marketing … Graduate and Doctoral levels also teaching Business Science, International Law, Business Law, and Economics … Taught in China, Russia, Hungary, England, United States and on U.S. Military Bases … Dedicated 50+-years in the Classroom, both part-time and full-time to helping students become successful personally, financially, and independent thinkers.

Earned degrees …

# Ph.D. Henley (HBS-England) Marketing – secondary International Business and Economics

# Ph.D. Global Business – secondary Economics

# J.D. Law – International Law and Business Law

# M.B.A. Marketing – secondary Production Operations Manufacturing, Quality and Logistics

# M.Sc. International Business – secondary Economics (Macro, Micro, Managerial)

# B.S. Political Science (International Affairs) – secondary Education and Social Sciences (Geography, History, Political Science, Economics)

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