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Jacob Grovey is the Founding Genius and a writer for Global Genius Society. Jacob began writing early in life. At the age of eight, he first saw people actually valued his words. He was offered the opportunity to write for a magazine, but as great as the opportunity was, Jacob passed on it because he didn't want any pressure to be associated with his writing. As the years passed, he found himself writing less and less, and before he knew it, he had gone several years without writing anything. As he thought back to the times when he wrote daily, he soon became upset with himself for going so long without putting his thoughts onto paper. In 2003, he vowed to never let that happen again. Now he says, "I promise you, the times that you'll catch me without some sort of notepad and pencil are gonna be few and far between because you never know when the inspiration will hit."

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Book of Jacob, The
Book of Jacob, The
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My World, My Words
My World, My Words
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Confessions of a Cluttered Mind
Dance of the Broken
Dance of the Broken
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